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A premiere no gi jiu jitsu academy in the heart of the San Fernando Valley, 10th Planet Van Nuys is headed by Eddie Bravo black belt, Alder Hampel. Although 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu is widely known for its rubber guard and lockdown system, coach Alder has always driven his no gi program towards the fundamental principles of control and pressure. His attention to detail on the basics helps create a better understanding of leverage and angles, giving you a dominate base that carries throughout the longevity of your jiu jitsu path.

"It's as real as it can get. Jiu-Jitsu has made me a better person. It's made me a better man. It's made me understand myself. My weaknesses, my strength. The shit I need to work on Jiu-Jitsu has been on of the most valuable tools I've ever had in my life." - Joe Rogan



Our Fundamentals program focuses on warm ups and techniques that emphasis a basic understanding of self defense, as well as movements and body mechanics needed to progress through the advanced classes. We rotate through a 6 month curriculum covering all of the major positions, concepts behind defense/staying safe in bad positions, basic takedowns, basic submissions, and general movement on the ground.


This class is where your understanding of jiu jitsu will grow much deeper, by introducing new, more sophisticated concepts and ideas that carry throughout all of grappling. We achieve this by not only showing you the techniques and movements involved, but by explaining “why” these movements are applied in the manner that they are. More live training will give you a more realistic feel of applying technique to a resisting opponent.


Whether you’re a beginner, or a professional fighter, we have every level of athlete on the mat, and pair everyone up accordingly. If you are starting out with “zero” martial arts background, then we highly encourage our students to complete our 6 month fundamentals program before entering this class. Every class will have a sufficient amount of warm up, technique, drilling, conditioning, and positional sparring. Come to step up your fight training or get an amazing workout!


Our Gi program is headed by Jean Jacques Machado black belt, Tim Antolin. Take your training back to where it all started, wearing the traditional kimono, and further build your base. Learn the intricacies of grip fighting, off balancing, and sneaky submission setups.


We want all of our kids to have confidence and high self esteem, when entering any environment. We run a self defense heavy program, preparing kids to recognize dangerous situations and how to stay safe. Our kids program is growing rapidly everyday, and would could be happier to pass this knowledge on to the future of the sport.


This classes is run by our professional MMA fighter, and BJJ Brown Belt, Milton Arguello. Covering the basics of striking from proper defense, slick counters, and devastating combinations. A perfect class for all skill levels.

"Jiu-Jitsu is for the protection of the individual. The older man, the weak, the child, and the lady and the young woman from being dominated and hurt by some bum because they don't have the phsyical attributes to defend themselves. Like I never had" - Helio Gracie


10th Planet Jiu Jitsu is a non-traditional system of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu developed by Eddie Bravo. After earning his black bel under Jean-Jacques Machado, Bravo focused his Jiu-Jitsu on developing a clinch based system without the gi, to better improve its applicated in mixed martial arts competition. Since then, no-gi grappling has exploded across the globe with organizations such as the Eddie Bravo Invitational, Polaris, and Kasai Pro, pushing no gi submission grappling to the next level.

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